Tasty Terp GG4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Tasty Terp GG4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Tasty Terp GG4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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GG4 (Gorilla Glue #4) Cannabis Strain

  • Genetics: GG4, also known as Gorilla Glue #4, is a potent hybrid strain resulting from the crossbreeding of Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Chem Sister strains. It's famous for its extreme resin production.

  • Appearance: GG4 buds are typically dense, green, and covered in a thick layer of trichomes, making them appear almost frosty. The buds may also have orange pistils.

  • Aroma and Flavor: GG4 has a pungent, earthy aroma with hints of pine and a touch of sourness. The flavor is similar, offering an earthy and diesel-like taste with occasional notes of chocolate and coffee.

  • Effects: GG4 is renowned for its powerful, balanced high. It often induces a sense of relaxation along with a heavy, body-melting sensation. It's a popular choice for both recreational and medicinal users.

  • Growing: Cultivating GG4 can be moderately challenging, and it's often preferred by experienced growers. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with a flowering time of around 8 to 9 weeks.

Please ensure that you comply with your local laws and regulations concerning cannabis cultivation and use.

The GG4 Feminized Cannabis Seeds is a hybrid strain with a multi-award-winning reputation for its high THC content of up to 27%. Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds produce sticky, resinous buds.

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WARNING: Germination of seeds may violate state and/or federal law. For novelty and genetic preservation purposes only.

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